Mewtwo Will Be Available As Paid DLC in Europe


Nintendo has confirmed that Mewtwo will eventually be released as paid DLC in Europe. Players originally had to buy both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. Players also had to register both copies by January 20 in order to obtain the infamous legendary Pokémon, as well as the expansive soundtrack that is currently being offered. Although they will have […]

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Toys R Us Announce Lucario Amiibo Exclusivity and Two Day Deal on Nintendo Titles


Lucario joins Shulk and Meta Knight in the cast of retailer exclusive Amiibo today. It seems as if fans of this fighting/steel type Pokémon will have to work a little harder to obtain him in the US. Though this may be disappointing to some Smash Bros. players and Amiibo collectors, Nintendo are standing firm. While many fan favorites such as Mario, […]

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Balancing to Lightweight Racers Implemented in Latest Mario Kart 8 Update


Last week the first DLC pack was released for Mario Kart 8, bringing extra characters, vehicles, and tracks into the mix. This included Link from the Legend of Zelda series, and the Hyrule Circuit to match. However, in a recent interview with Gamespot, game director Kosuke Yabuki also revealed that lightweight racers have been changed slightly. According to him, characters […]

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Meta Knight Amiibo is a Best Buy Exclusive


Today, the Meta Knight amiibo has been proclaimed to be a Best Buy Exclusive. Meta Knight and Shulk are the only two amiibo that are currently retailer exclusives. Satoru Iwata has said that some figurines will be harder to find than others. Although many fans are upset over the exclusivity, Nintendo has shown no intent on releasing the Meta Knight amiibo […]

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Nintendo of America President says Wii U is the Best Value for Consumers


Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo of America, claims the Wii U bundled with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land is the best home console value for consumers.   “The good news, for us, is that we’re presenting the best value right now in new home consoles. $299, includes two games; it’s a compelling proposition for consumers this holiday.” […]

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Cubic Ninja Has Made Homebrew Software Possible on the 3DS


A hacker named Jordan “Smealum” Rabet has managed to crack the Nintendo 3DS in order to enable homebrew software development on the handheld. Surprisingly the Ubisoft game, Cubic Ninja, is responsible for this exploit. Cubic Ninja has drawn major attention in a matter of days, due to the hack. This exploit is comparable to how the Wii received homebrew software. […]

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